Burger Mania Haiku at CD’s Place

Haiku is a Japanese form of poem which has three lines. The first and third lines use five syllables across their language-throwing, while the second line uses seven syllables in total. These poems are typically very imagery-driven. They are also just straight-up plain fun.

CD’s Place has become a meal-must mainstay at the edge of Boyertown where New Berlinville begins. Recently featured in a full-length article in Berks County Living Magazine by a good food writer friend of mine, Marian Wolbers, CD’s Place brims with charisma, as it has a 1950s feel to it and plenty of music memorabilia for reminders of good sounds via old radio play.

I love any time I notice people appreciating how hard owner Chris Dietz works back in his tiny kitchen in this ice cream-cup shaped restaurant spot which perked many local smiles long ago and has a dedicated and growing following today.

While the usual dishes and specials are very worth ordering at CD’s Place, it’s Burger Mania which I love most. Standard toppings are available, but having the option of fried egg, hot sauce, pork roll, sweet or hot peppers, pizza sauce, fried salami, and other less expected add-ons means you can enjoy your classic choice or test out new ones. It’s almost like a fun game in the realm of culinary-exploring.

burger mania haiku

between one bun and
another: burger for your
thoughts—savoring chomps