Fried Pickles Haiku at Dan’s Deli

Haiku is a Japanese form of poem which has three lines. The first and third lines use five syllables across their language-throwing, while the second line uses seven syllables in total.

Haiku are often about the natural world and reflective feelings. And they are typically very imagery-driven. I find haiku to be a great way to promote not only poetry (which I teach) but also the good going on around us locally. So I pair haiku with photography and a little background information on businesses and community events as a route to bringing out the best in the life-minutes we share in Boyertown and beyond.

I am thrilled to introduce the fried pickles of the longstanding Dan’s Deli at 1371 West Philadelphia Avenue as a first feature of Haiku & Photography. I hunt for fried pickles on any menu I see, and the ones at this family-owned and run restaurant are my go-to choice. I sometimes even call in an order for them by phone right before the deli closes so I can get this nom nom nommm-ish appetizer literally before it is too darn late. It helps that they serve a spicy ranch for dipping. I am a rare type who is wary of ranch dressing, but anytime hot sauce is involved, like with this sauce, I’m in. Very much so innnn.

fried pickles haiku

fried pickles meet tongues
with a sour-bite persuasion:
crave-worthy, delish