Visit Boyertown PA

Incorporated in 1866, Boyertown PA has always been a place for people to visit, shop, and catch up with friends. Though we have many modern options for folks stopping by, Historic Boyertown still hasn’t lost it’s small town charm. Visit Boyertown PA to find a place where the past and the present walk hand-in-hand.

Eat, Shop, and See

Historic Boyertown is a place to shop charming boutiques, enjoy fantastic food, take a ride on a wonderful train, stroll through impressive museums, and treat yourself to wonderful services design uniquely for you. From old-fashioned candy, spa treatments, gourmet coffee, mouthwatering food, or a new look, Boyertown has the place that you’ve been looking for.

The Past and the Present

People who visit Boyertown PA always comment on the charm. A small town feeling that encourages visitors to stroll our streets, get lost in our shops, spend an afternoon on our train, and enjoy a night in our restaurants and pubs. You never know what’s happening just around the corner unless you get out and put feet to pavement. A visit to Historic Boyertown is a unique treat for you to unwind and enjoy yourself.

Always Something to Do

Not only do we have amazing places to explore, Boyertown puts on events that draw crowds across the country. From our bluegrass festival, OctoberFest, Holiday House Tour, to other wonderful events, Boyertown knows how to put on a great show. Check out events calendar to discover when our next event is happening. You’re going to want to be here.

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